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Is there anyone who tried MircoStream Persistence inside a Quarkus app? I wrote a simple Quarkus app storing a simple bean. This runs as expected in a plan Java program. Then I tried to do the same code inside a Quarkus app (quarkus.io). Everything seems to work fine until I stop end start the app again. The existing storage is not used and a new storage is created.

So, is anyone using MicroStream with Quarkus?

Testproject: https://github.com/bernmic/docster

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I just looked at your code. There is one issue:

During the storage initialization you need to set the root element before storing:


void onStart(@Observes final StartupEvent ev) {
    LOGGER.info("The application is starting...");
    storageManager = EmbeddedStorage.start(/*Paths.get(dataPath)*/);
    if (storageManager.root() == null) {
        archiveRoot = new ArchiveRoot();
        archiveRoot.setDescription("The main archive");
        LOGGER.info("Created a new archive");


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Thank you ver much. I had this before. But I missed to initialize the root variable. So I gave a null into setRoot.
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Still not loading, now using existing root instead
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