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Right now I am stuck with the following exception, everytime I start my application for the second time:

Exception in thread "main" Exception in thread "MicroStream-StorageChannel-2" one.microstream.storage.exceptions.StorageExceptionDisruptingExceptions: Disrupting Exceptions:

/home/fred/microstream-datastore/channel_3/channel_3_1.dat@2434+-2152 -> backup/channel_3/channel_3_1.dat

/home/fred/microstream-datastore/channel_0/channel_0_1.dat[340] <-> backup/channel_0/channel_0_1.dat[2476]

/home/fred/microstream-datastore/channel_1/channel_1_1.dat@17900+-15890 -> backup/channel_1/channel_1_1.dat

/home/fred/microstream-datastore/channel_2/channel_2_1.dat@2604+-2304 -> backup/channel_2/channel_2_1.dat


Caused by: one.microstream.storage.exceptions.StorageExceptionBackupInconsistentFileLength: /home/fred/microstream-datastore/channel_0/channel_0_1.dat[340] <-> backup/channel_0/channel_0_1.dat[2476]

Part of my code is:

storageManager = Configuration.Default().setBaseDirectoryInUserHome(datastorePath)



I am pretty sure I did something basic wrong and will give it another try tomorrow. But maybe you have a tip for me ;) My next step will be deactivating the backup strategy.


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OK I could fix the exception by using a full backup path url.
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Hello Fred

just a hint.

I created a new package dbstorage and inside a new class dbhandler (strictly like it was explained in the first workshop)
inside this class I have following code, which defines the behavior of the storage itself:


public class dbHandler

    private final static dataRoot               root = new dataRoot();
    private final static EmbeddedStorageManager storageManager;
        storageManager = Configuration.Default()

        // Lazy References timeout after 10 minutes without access
    public static dataRoot getRoot()
        return dbHandler.root;
    public static EmbeddedStorageManager getStoragemanager()
        return dbHandler.storageManager;



The path's are still full URL's.
rgds Heinz
...and btw. a code format tag would be fine wink

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