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So far only the examples project is in github, because MicroStream is proprietary. But in case people experience problems or have feature requests, where can they open tickets? Through this forum?

My request is that the interfaces need a java documentation. Some of them already have, others, like EmbeddedStorageManager are still missing a javadoc.


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We provide a public issue tracker on GitHub where you can report bugs and submit your feature requests. You're welcome to post your ideas and recommendations there. 

Reporting a bug:
If you report a bug, please try to make sure that it is really a bug in MicroStream, for instance by adding a test. 

Submitting a feature request:
If you want to submit a feature request, keep in mind that we can only implement features that are useful for all or users. 

Professional support: 

If you

  • don't get a helpful answer in this community forum,
  • have a very specific problem, problems or errors within your code 
  • don't want to discuss an issue in this public forum
  • need an immediate answer or guaranteed response time
  • want to talk to a MicroStream expert

you can use our Professional Support: https://microstream.one/support/tickets

Notes: Every question must be a separate forum post. Headline: Formulate your question shortly and precisely. Thank you!
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