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Hi, there's is a chance to use microstream within an native image created with quarkus, graalvm? When the application starts and tries I to start the storagemanager I get a strange, long error message.

Do you plan to support this use case (running inside a native image)?

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End of the error message to have an idea:

[Native image heap boundaries:
  ReadOnly Primitives: 0x2ab3008 .. 0x3c2e270
  ReadOnly References: 0x3c2ec80 .. 0x46e9400
  Writable Primitives: 0x46ea000 .. 0x4e6eb78
  Writable References: 0x4e6eb90 .. 0x581e2e8]

  [Young generation:
      aligned: 1044440/1 unaligned: 0/0
      aligned chunks:
        0x7fbc26700000 (0x7fbc26701028-0x7fbc26701140)]]
  [Old generation:
      aligned: 0/0 unaligned: 0/0]
      aligned: 0/0 unaligned: 0/0]
    aligned: 0/0]]

Use runtime option -R:-InstallSegfaultHandler if you don't want to use SubstrateSegfaultHandler.

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Unfortunately, I cannot tell you what is going wrong. I can give you some hints only:


Microstream itself requires the GraalVM fallback mode to be enabled to work with GraalVM.

For Quarkus Microstream needs the Quarkus Class loader to be set. See https://manual.docs.microstream.one/data-store/customizing/custom-class-loader how to configure Microstream to use alternate class loaders.


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